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AswadAfrican Children
AswadAfrican Children Part Ii
AswadDidn't Know At The Time
AswadDon't Turn Around
AswadDown The Line
AswadDrum & Bass Line
AswadFreedom Street
AswadGirl's Got To Know
AswadGive A Little Love
AswadHe Gave The Sun To Shine
AswadI Need Your Love
AswadI Will Keep On Loving You
AswadIn A Your Rights
AswadIna Your Rights
AswadLove Fire
AswadNatural Aggression
AswadNatural Progression
AswadNeed Your Love (Each And Every Day)
AswadNo More Living A Lie
AswadNot Satisfied
AswadOh Jah
AswadPass The Cup
AswadRoots Rockin'
AswadTuff We Tuff
AswadTurn Around
AswadWays Of The Lord
AswadYour Recipe
AswadYou're No Good
AswadDidnt Know At The Time
AswadDont Turn Around
AswadDrum And Bass Line
AswadGirls Got To Know
AswadYoure No Good