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ArtensionArea 51
ArtensionBlood Brother
ArtensionForbidden Love
ArtensionGoin ' Home
ArtensionInto The Blue
ArtensionPhoenix Rising
ArtensionThe City Is Lost
ArtensionThrough The Gate
ArtensionValley Of The Kings
ArtensionCall Of The Wild
ArtensionClose To The Sun
ArtensionComputer Heart
ArtensionDark Before The Dawn
ArtensionEndless Days
ArtensionFlower Of The Orient
ArtensionFuture World
ArtensionGoin' Home
ArtensionHearts Are Broken
ArtensionInnocence Lost
ArtensionNew Discovery
ArtensionRemember My Name
ArtensionRunning Out Of Time
ArtensionSacred Pathways
ArtensionStand & Fight
ArtensionStory Teller
ArtensionTake Me In Your Arms
ArtensionThe Calm Before The Storm
ArtensionThe Day Of Judgement
ArtensionThe Emperor
ArtensionThe Killing
ArtensionThe Last Survivor
ArtensionTree Of Knowledge
ArtensionYour Victory
ArtensionEndless Days (Radio Edit)
ArtensionGoin Home
ArtensionI Really Don't Care
ArtensionMarch To Ruin
ArtensionSilent Temple
ArtensionSymphonic Expedition
ArtensionVoyage To Nasca