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Armored SaintCan U Deliver
Armored SaintEnvy
Armored SaintFalse Alarm
Armored SaintGlory Hunter
Armored SaintLong Before I Die
Armored SaintMad House
Armored SaintMarch Of The Sain
Armored SaintMutiny On The World
Armored SaintNervous Man
Armored SaintOver The Edge
Armored SaintSeducer
Armored SaintStricken By Fate
Armored SaintAfter Me The Flood
Armored SaintControl Issues
Armored SaintCreepy Feelings
Armored SaintDen Of Thieves
Armored SaintNo Me Digas
Armored SaintPay Dirt
Armored SaintTension
Armored SaintThe Pillar
Armored SaintUpon My Departure
Armored SaintWhat's Your Pleasure
Armored SaintAfter Me, The Flood
Armored SaintAftermath
Armored SaintAnother Day
Armored SaintBook of Blood
Armored SaintBurning Question
Armored SaintChemical Euphoria
Armored SaintConqueror
Armored SaintCrisis of Life
Armored SaintDamaged
Armored SaintDeep Rooted Anger
Armored SaintDropping Like Flies
Armored SaintFor The Sake of Heaviness
Armored SaintFrozen Will
Armored SaintHalf Drawn Bridge
Armored SaintHanging Judge
Armored SaintHuman Vulture
Armored SaintIn The Hole
Armored SaintIsolation
Armored SaintLast Train Home
Armored SaintLegacy
Armored SaintLesson Well Learned
Armored SaintMarch of The Saint
Armored SaintNo Reason to Live
Armored SaintOn The Way
Armored SaintOut on a Limb
Armored SaintRaising Fear
Armored SaintReign of Fire
Armored SaintReleased
Armored SaintSaturday Night Special
Armored SaintSpineless
Armored SaintSymbol of Salvation
Armored SaintTainted Past
Armored SaintTake a Turn
Armored SaintTerror
Armored SaintThe Laugh
Armored SaintThe Truth Always Hurts
Armored SaintTribal Dance
Armored SaintUnderdogs
Armored SaintWarzone
Armored SaintWhats Your Pleasure
Armored SaintYou're Never Alone
Armored SaintYoure Never Alone