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ArchontesChildren 's Crusade
ArchontesDeath 's Not The End
ArchontesDon 't Say Farewell, Say Goodbye
ArchontesFear Is The Conscience Of Villains
ArchontesIn The Dark
ArchontesMother Russia
ArchontesRunaway From Dark
ArchontesSaga Of Eternity
ArchontesThe Crown Of Spring
ArchontesThe Glory Anthem
ArchontesThe Opening Incantation
ArchontesThe Rules Of Real Life
ArchontesThe World Where Shadows Come To Life
ArchontesUnder Bloody Sun
ArchontesVictory Or Death
ArchontesAll This Time (The Balancer's Song)
ArchontesChildren's Crusade
ArchontesDeath's Not The End
ArchontesDon't Say Farewell, Say Goodbye
ArchontesEpilogue (My Yellow Brick Road)
ArchontesGoodbye, New World
ArchontesMy Noteless Blues
ArchontesOpening Incantation
ArchontesReturn To Inner Self
ArchontesThe Crown Of Spiring
ArchontesThe Escapist Hymn (Author's Notes)
ArchontesWalk On The Edge
ArchontesWhisper Of Time
ArchontesWords Of Ashes
ArchontesChildrens Crusade
ArchontesDeaths Not The End
ArchontesDont Sat Farewell, Say Goodbye
ArchontesQuest For Glory And Might