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April WineDon't Push Me Around
April WineIf You Believe In Me
April WineJust Between You And Me
April WineRoller
April WineTonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love
April WineYou Could Have Been A Lady
April WineBad Side Of The Moon
April WineWeeping Widow
April WineI Like To Rock
April WineSign Of The Gypsy Queen
April WineI Can Hear You Calling
April Wine21st Century Schizoid Man
April WineAin't Got Your Love
April WineAint Got Your Love
April WineAll It Will Ever Be
April WineAll Over Town
April WineAnejo
April WineAnything You Want, You Got It
April WineBabes In Arms
April WineBaby Done Got Some Soul
April WineBad Boys
April WineBefore The Dawn
April WineBeg For Your Love
April WineBelieve In Me
April WineBeni BRakma
April WineBetter Do It Well
April WineBetter Slow Down
April WineBig City Girls
April WineBlood Money
April WineCan't Find The Town
April WineCan't Take Another Nite
April WineCant Take Another Nite
April WineCarry On
April WineCat's Claw
April WineCaught In The Crossfire
April WineChild's Garden
April WineCome Away
April WineCome On Along
April WineComin' Right Down On Top Of Me
April WineCrash & Burn
April WineCrash And Burn
April WineCum Hear The Band
April WineDidn't You
April WineDoin' It Right
April WineDon't Push Me Around
April WineDrivin' With My Eyes Closed
April WineDrop Your Guns
April WineDruthers
April WineElectric Jewels
April WineEmotional Dreams
April WineEnough Is Enough
April WineFarkus
April WineFlow River Flow
April WineForever For Now
April WineFuture Tense
April WineGet Ready For Love
April WineGimme Love
April WineGimme That Thing Called Love
April WineGirl In My Dreams
April WineGivin' It, Takin' It
April WineGood Fibes (Drum Solo)
April WineGood From Far, Far From Good
April WineHard Rock Kid
April WineHard Times
April WineHard To Believe
April WineHere's Lookin' At You Kid
April WineHighway Hard Run
April WineHold On
April WineHoliday
April WineHolly Would
April WineHot On The Wheels Of Love
April WineHour Of Need
April WineI Can Hear You Callin'
April WineI Just Wanna Make Love To You
April WineI Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love
April WineI'd Rather Be Strong
April WineI'm A Man
April WineI'm Alive
April WineI'm On Fire For You Baby
April WineIf I was A Stranger
April WineIf You See Kay
April WineIn Your World
April WineIntroduction
April WineIt Hurts
April WineJust Between You & Me
April WineJust Like That
April WineJuvenile Delinquent
April WineKeep On Rockin'
April WineKick Willy Rd.
April WineLadies Man
April WineLady Run, Lady Hide
April WineLast Time I'll Ever Sing The Blues
April WineLet Yourself Go
April WineLike A Lover, Like A Song
April WineListen Mister
April WineLook Into The Sun
April WineLove Has Remembered Me
April WineLovin' You
April WineLuv Your Stuff
April WineMama Laye
April WineMama, It's True
April WineMarjorie
April WineMind Over Matter
April WineMoney Talks
April WineNot For You, Not For Rock 'N' Roll
April WineNothin' But A Kiss
April WineOceana
April WineOne More Time
April WineOowatanite
April WineOpen Soul Surgery
April WineRefuge
April WineRight Down To It
April WineRock Myself To Sleep
April WineRock N' Roll Is A Vicious Game
April WineRock N' Roll Woman
April WineRock Tonite
April WineRunners In The Night
April WineSay Hello
April WineShe's A Roller
April WineShes A Roller
April WineShotdown
April WineSilver Dollar
April WineSlow Poke
April WineSo Bad
April WineSong For Mary
April WineSons Of The Pioneers
April WineStrange Kind Of Love
April WineTalk To Me
April WineTeenage Love
April WineTell Me Why
April WineTellin' Me Lies
April WineThat's Love
April WineThe Band Has Just Begun
April WineThe Whole World's Goin' Crazy
April WineThis Could Be The Right One
April WineTime
April WineTonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love
April WineTonite
April WineToo Hot To Handle
April WineVictim For Your Love
April WineVoice In My Heart
April WineWait Any More
April WineWaiting On A Miracle
April WineWanna Rock
April WineWanted Dead Or Alive
April WineWe Can Be More Than We Are
April WineWench
April WineWhat If We Fall In Love
April WineWhatever It Takes
April WineWings Of Love
April WineWithout Your Love
April WineWon't Walk That Road No More
April WineWonderful Time To Fall In Love
April WineWork All Day
April WineWouldn't Want Your Love
April WineWouldn't Want Your Love (Any Other Way)
April WineYou Don't Have To Act Tha
April WineYou Opened Up My Eyes
April WineYou Won't Dance With Me