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Anything BoxA Moment's Shifting
Anything BoxA Teacup Falls
Anything BoxA World Without Love
Anything BoxAll Dreams Must End
Anything BoxAll These Days Undone
Anything BoxAll You Need Is Love
Anything BoxAn Ending
Anything BoxAnswer Me
Anything BoxAutomatons
Anything BoxAutumn
Anything BoxBeat Of Life
Anything BoxBecause
Anything BoxBlue Little Rose
Anything BoxCarmen
Anything BoxChanges
Anything BoxCome Away
Anything BoxConscious
Anything BoxContempt
Anything BoxDecades
Anything BoxDegenerate
Anything BoxDirt
Anything BoxDo You Hear Me Anymore
Anything BoxDo You Hear Me Anymore (1989 Live Studio Take)
Anything BoxDoubt
Anything BoxEnding 2
Anything BoxEvery Single Day
Anything BoxEverybody Has A Wish
Anything BoxFinal
Anything BoxHeaven60
Anything BoxHope
Anything BoxHypocrites
Anything BoxI Felt The Pain
Anything BoxIn Your Smile
Anything BoxIn Your Smile (1991 Live Studio Take)
Anything BoxIndustrial Wasteland
Anything BoxIndustrial Wasteland (1991 Live Studio Demo)
Anything BoxInterleave
Anything BoxJubilation
Anything BoxJust One Day
Anything BoxKiss Of Love
Anything BoxLady In Waiting
Anything BoxLife Is Fun
Anything BoxLiving In Oblivion
Anything BoxLove Will Tear Us Apart
Anything BoxMine
Anything BoxNeed
Anything BoxNegaverse
Anything BoxOur Dreams
Anything BoxPopsong
Anything BoxPromise
Anything BoxRemember Me
Anything BoxRise
Anything BoxSenses 5.5
Anything BoxSimpleton
Anything BoxSmall
Anything BoxSoldier & Child
Anything BoxSomeone Speaks
Anything BoxSoul On Fire
Anything BoxStillness
Anything BoxSummer
Anything BoxThe Ravine
Anything BoxTransitions
Anything BoxWedding Day
Anything BoxWelcome To The End
Anything BoxWhen We Lie
Anything BoxWhere is Love & Happiness
Anything BoxWhere Is Love And Happiness
Anything BoxWorld Without Love
Anything BoxWorth