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Anthology (disc 2)18 Til I Die
Anthology (disc 2)Christmas Time
Anthology (disc 2)Cloud Number Nine
Anthology (disc 2)Dont Give It Up
Anthology (disc 2)I Do It For You
Anthology (disc 2)I Will Be Waiting For You
Anthology (disc 2)Inside Out
Anthology (disc 2)One Night Love Affair
Anthology (disc 2)Please Forgive Me
Anthology (disc 2)The Best Of Me
Anthology (disc 2)Coming Around Again
Anthology (disc 2)Give Me All Night
Anthology (disc 2)Like A River
Anthology (disc 2)Love Of My Life
Anthology (disc 2)Not A Day Goes By
Anthology (disc 2)Crossing Muddy Waters
Anthology (disc 2)Thing Called Love