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AnthemThe Beggar And The Proud Young Lady
AnthemYou Don 't Know
AnthemAnother Perfect Day
AnthemGrow Up
AnthemI Just Wanna Live
AnthemI Want Benji
AnthemI Want Joel
AnthemMovin On
AnthemTribute To Kylie
AnthemGhosts Of You And Me
AnthemLook What Happened
AnthemMotown Never Sounded So Good
AnthemPlastic Cup Politics
AnthemShe's Gonna Break Soon
AnthemThat's Why They Call It A Union
AnthemThe Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out
AnthemThe Science Of Selling Yourself Short
AnthemGirls And Boys
AnthemHold On
AnthemLifestyles Of The Rich And The Famous
AnthemLittle Things
AnthemMovin' On
AnthemRiot Girl
AnthemRiot Grl
AnthemSay Anything
AnthemThank You Mom
AnthemThe Anthem
AnthemThe Day That I Die
AnthemThe Motivation Proclamation
AnthemThe Story Of My Old Man
AnthemThe Young And The Hopeless
AnthemWaldorf Worldwide
AnthemYou Don't Know