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Anita BakerCaught Up In The Rapture
Anita BakerGiving You The Best That I Got
Anita BakerJust Because
Anita BakerSweet Love
Anita BakerNo One In The World
Anita BakerSame 'Ole Love
Anita BakerI Apologize
Anita BakerYou're My Everything
Anita BakerHow Could You
Anita BakerIn My Heart
Anita BakerSerious
Anita BakerHow Does It Feel
Anita BakerLike You Used To Do
Anita BakerClose Your Eyes
Anita BakerYou're My Everything Revisited
Anita BakerI Can't Sleep
Anita BakerMen In My Life
Anita BakerRhythm Of Love
Anita BakerThe Look Of Love
Anita BakerBody And Soul
Anita BakerBaby
Anita BakerPlenty Of Room
Anita BakerIt's Been You
Anita BakerYou Belong To Me
Anita BakerWrong Man
Anita BakerOnly For A While
Anita BakerSometimes I Wonder Why
Anita BakerMy Funny Valentine
Anita BakerTalk To Me
Anita BakerPerfect Love Affair
Anita BakerWhatever It Takes
Anita BakerSoul Inspiration
Anita BakerLonely
Anita BakerNo One To Blame
Anita BakerMore Than You Know
Anita BakerLove You To The Letter
Anita BakerFairy Tales
Anita BakerPriceless
Anita BakerLead Me Into Love
Anita BakerGood Love
Anita BakerRules
Anita BakerGood Enough
Anita BakerYou Bring Me Joy
Anita BakerBeen So Long
Anita BakerMystery
Anita BakerSame Ole Love (365 Days A Year)
Anita BakerWatch Your Step
Anita BakerAngel
Anita BakerYou're The Best Thing Yet
Anita BakerFeel The Need
Anita BakerSqueeze Me
Anita BakerNo More Tears
Anita BakerSometimes
Anita BakerWill You Be Mine
Anita BakerDo You Believe Me
Anita BakerMoondance
Anita BakerWhen You Love Someone
Anita BakerIf Only For A While
Anita BakerMad About You
Anita BakerBody & Soul
Anita BakerIt's Been You
Anita BakerSame Ole Love(365 Days)
Anita BakerWhen You Love Some One
Anita BakerYou're The Best Thing Yet
Anita BakerI Apologise
Anita BakerI Can't Sleep
Anita BakerLead Me To Love
Anita BakerOne to Blame
Anita BakerPlenty of Room [live]
Anita BakerSame Ole Love
Anita BakerThe Final Frontier
Anita BakerYou Can Reach Me
Anita BakerYour're the Best Thing Yet