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AnimaniacsAnimaniacs Theme Song
AnimaniacsBe Careful What You Eat
AnimaniacsI Am The Very Model Of A Cartoon Indiviual
AnimaniacsI Want Quiet By Dot Warner
AnimaniacsI'm Cute
AnimaniacsI'm Nobody's Momma
AnimaniacsLet The Anvils Ring
AnimaniacsMacadamia Nut
AnimaniacsNifty Fifty United States And Capitals, Yakko, Ani
AnimaniacsParts Of The Brain
AnimaniacsPinky And The Brain
AnimaniacsSlappy Squirrel Theme
AnimaniacsThe Etiquette Song
AnimaniacsThe Monkey Song
AnimaniacsThe Panama Canal
AnimaniacsThe Planets
AnimaniacsThe Presidents
AnimaniacsThe Senses Song
AnimaniacsTheme Song
AnimaniacsWakko's America
AnimaniacsYakko's Universe
AnimaniacsYakko's World