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Animal CollectiveA Manatee Dance
Animal CollectiveAhhh Good Country
Animal CollectiveAlso Frightened
Animal CollectiveBanshee Beat
Animal CollectiveBrother Sport
Animal CollectiveChores
Animal CollectiveCobwebs
Animal CollectiveCuckoo
Animal CollectiveDaffy Duck
Animal CollectiveDaily Routine
Animal CollectiveDe Soto De Son
Animal CollectiveDerek
Animal CollectiveDid You See The Words
Animal CollectiveFlesh Canoe
Animal CollectiveFor Reverend Green
Animal CollectiveI See You Pan
Animal CollectiveIn The Flowers
Animal CollectiveIt's You
Animal CollectiveLa Rapet
Animal CollectiveLeaf House
Animal CollectiveLoch Raven
Animal CollectiveMy Girls
Animal CollectivePeacebone
Animal CollectivePenny Dreadfuls
Animal CollectiveProspect Hummer
Animal CollectiveQueen In My Pictures
Animal CollectiveSeal Eyeing
Animal CollectiveSlippi
Animal CollectiveSomeday I'll Grow To Be As Tall As The Giant
Animal CollectiveSpirit They've Vanished
Animal CollectiveStreet Flash
Animal CollectiveTaste
Animal CollectiveThrowin' The Round Ball
Animal CollectiveTikwid
Animal CollectiveTurn Into Something
Animal CollectiveTwo Corvettes
Animal CollectiveTwo Sails On A Sound
Animal CollectiveUnsolved Mysteries
Animal CollectiveWater Curses
Animal CollectiveWe Tigers
Animal CollectiveWinter Wonderland