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Ani DifrancoAs Is
Ani DifrancoDeep Dish
Ani DifrancoFuel
Ani DifrancoGlass House
Ani DifrancoGravel
Ani DifrancoIndependence Day
Ani DifrancoLittle Plastic Castle
Ani DifrancoLoom
Ani DifrancoPixie
Ani DifrancoPulse
Ani DifrancoSwan Dive
Ani DifrancoTwo Little Girls
Ani Difranco4th Of July
Ani DifrancoAnyday
Ani DifrancoBoth Hands
Ani DifrancoRush Hour
Ani DifrancoTalk To Me Now
Ani DifrancoDilate
Ani DifrancoUntouchable Face
Ani DifrancoLost Woman Song
Ani Difranco32 Flavors
Ani DifrancoAdam And Eve
Ani DifrancoHide And Seek
Ani DifrancoSorry I Am
Ani DifrancoNot A Pretty Girl
Ani DifrancoTiptoe
Ani DifrancoBuilding And Bridges
Ani DifrancoYou Had Time
Ani DifrancoWish I May
Ani DiFrancoThe Slant
Ani DiFrancoWork Your Way Out
Ani DiFrancoDog Coffee
Ani DiFrancoPale Purple
Ani DiFrancoFire Door
Ani DiFrancoThe Story
Ani DiFrancoEvery Angle
Ani DiFrancoOut Of Habit
Ani DiFrancoLetting The Telephone Ring
Ani DiFrancoAnticipate
Ani DiFrancoRockabye
Ani DiFrancoShe Says
Ani DiFrancoMake Me Stay
Ani DiFrancoOn Every Corner
Ani DiFrancoSmall World
Ani DiFrancoNot So Soft
Ani DiFrancoRoll With It
Ani DiFrancoItch
Ani DiFrancoGratitude
Ani DiFrancoThe Whole Night
Ani DiFrancoThe Next Big Thing
Ani DiFrancoBrief Bus Stop
Ani DiFrancoLooking For The Holes
Ani DiFrancoWhat If No One's Watching
Ani DiFrancoFeakshow
Ani DiFrancoIn Or Out
Ani DiFrancoEvery State Line
Ani DiFrancoCircle Of Light
Ani DiFrancoIf It Isn't Her
Ani DiFrancoGood, Bad, Ugly
Ani DiFrancoI'm No Heroine
Ani DiFrancoComing Up
Ani DiFrancoMake Them Apologize
Ani DiFrancoThe Waiting Song
Ani DiFrancoServed Faithfully
Ani DiFrancoImperfectly
Ani DiFrancoNames And Dates And Times
Ani DiFrancoWilling To Fight
Ani DiFrancoEgos Like Hairdos
Ani DiFrancoBack Around
Ani DiFrancoBlood In The Boardroom
Ani DiFrancoBorn A Lion
Ani DiFrancoMy I.Q.
Ani DiFrancoUsed To You
Ani DiFrancoPick Yer Nose
Ani DiFrancoGod's Country
Ani DiFrancoBuildings And Bridges
Ani DiFrancoOut Of Range
Ani DiFrancoLetter To A John
Ani DiFrancoHell Yeah
Ani DiFrancoHow Have You Been
Ani DiFrancoOverlap
Ani DiFrancoFace Up And Sing
Ani DiFrancoFalling Is Like This
Ani DiFrancoIf He Tries Anything
Ani DiFrancoThe Diner
Ani DiFrancoWorthy
Ani DiFrancoCradle And All
Ani DiFrancoShy
Ani DiFrancoLight Of Some Kind
Ani DiFranco1,000,000
Ani DiFrancoHour Follows Hour
Ani DiFrancoAsking Too Much
Ani DiFrancoThis Bouquet
Ani DiFrancoCrime For Crime
Ani DiFrancoOutta Me, Onto You
Ani DiFrancoSuperhero
Ani DiFrancoAmazing Grace
Ani DiFrancoNapoleon
Ani DiFrancoShameless
Ani DiFrancoDone Wrong
Ani DiFrancoGoing Down
Ani DiFrancoJoyful Girl
Ani DiFrancoSwandive
Ani DiFranco'Tis Of Thee
Ani DiFrancoVirtue
Ani DiFrancoCome Away From It
Ani DiFrancoJukebox
Ani DiFrancoAngel Food
Ani DiFrancoAngry Anymore
Ani DiFrancoEverest
Ani DiFrancoUp Up Up Up Up Up
Ani DiFrancoKnow Now Then
Ani DiFrancoTrickle Down
Ani DiFrancoHat Shaped Hat
Ani DiFrancoTo The Teeth
Ani DiFrancoSoft Shoulder
Ani DiFrancoGoing Once
Ani DiFrancoHello Birmingham
Ani DiFrancoCloud Blood
Ani DiFrancoProvidence
Ani DiFrancoI Know This Bar
Ani DiFrancoGrey
Ani DiFrancoImagine That
Ani DiFrancoIn Here
Ani DiFrancoOld Old Song
Ani DiFrancoReckoning
Ani DiFrancoRevelling
Ani DiFrancoSchool Night
Ani DiFrancoSick Of Me
Ani DiFrancoSo What
Ani DiFrancoSubdivision
Ani DiFrancoYour Next Bold Move
Ani DiFrancoAin't That The Way
Ani DiFrancoFierce Flawless
Ani DiFrancoGarden Of Simple
Ani DiFrancoHeartbreak Even
Ani DiFrancoKazoointoit
Ani DiFrancoMarrow
Ani DiFrancoO.K.
Ani DiFrancoRock Paper Scissors
Ani DiFrancoTamburitza Lingua
Ani DiFrancoWhat How When Where (Why Who)
Ani DiFrancoWhatall Is Nice
Ani DiFrancoPromised Land
Ani DiFrancoIn The Way
Ani DiFrancoIcarus
Ani DiFrancoSlide
Ani DiFrancoOh My My
Ani DiFrancoEvolve
Ani DiFrancoShrug
Ani DiFrancoPhase
Ani DiFrancoHere For Now
Ani DiFrancoSecond Intermission
Ani DiFrancoSerpentine
Ani DiFrancoWelcome To:
Ani DifrancoAkimbo
Ani DifrancoAnimal
Ani DifrancoBliss Like This
Ani DifrancoBodily
Ani DifrancoBubble
Ani DifrancoCompany
Ani DifrancoEducated Guess
Ani DifrancoFixing Her Hair
Ani DifrancoGrand Canyon
Ani DifrancoOrigami
Ani DifrancoPlatforms
Ani DifrancoRain Check
Ani DifrancoSwim
Ani DifrancoTrue Story Of What Was
Ani DifrancoWelcome To
Ani DifrancoYou Each Time
Ani DifrancoDo Re Me
Ani DifrancoSelf Evident
Ani DifrancoWishin' And Hopin'
Ani DiFrancoAdam & Eve
Ani DiFrancoAgry Anymore
Ani DiFrancoAids
Ani DiFrancoAin't That The Way
Ani DiFrancoAngel Food 
Ani DiFrancoAsked You First
Ani DiFrancoAstronaut (Ft Radiohead)
Ani DiFrancoBack Back Back
Ani DiFrancoBeautiful Night
Ani DiFrancoBoys In Blue
Ani DiFrancoBuildings & Bridges
Ani DiFrancoCallous
Ani DiFrancoCarry You Around 
Ani DiFrancoChristians & Pegans
Ani DiFrancoCirce of Light
Ani DiFrancoCold & Mean
Ani DiFrancoCold and Mean
Ani DiFrancoCold And Mean (Answering Machine)
Ani DiFrancoCome Away
Ani DiFrancoComes a Time
Ani DiFrancoCradle & All
Ani DiFrancoDistracted
Ani DiFrancoDon't Nobody Know
Ani DiFrancoEverest 
Ani DiFrancoFace up & Sing
Ani DiFrancoFair Weather
Ani DiFrancoFind a Fire
Ani DiFrancoFlood Waters
Ani DiFrancoForest For the Trees
Ani DiFrancoFreakshow
Ani DiFrancoFuck You
Ani DiFrancoFuel (Spoken Word)
Ani DiFrancoGlasshouse
Ani DiFrancoGod's Country
Ani DiFrancoHandsome Musician
Ani DiFrancoHarvest
Ani DiFrancoHello, Birmingham
Ani DiFrancoHide & Seek (IS the Zygote Song!!)
Ani DiFrancoHide Seek
Ani DiFrancoHow Long Can It Last
Ani DiFrancoHurricane
Ani DiFrancoI'm No Heroine
Ani DiFrancoIf It Isn't Her
Ani DiFrancoKnuckle Down
Ani DiFrancoLag Time
Ani DiFrancoLetters To A John
Ani DiFrancoManhole
Ani DiFrancoMillion You Never Made
Ani DiFrancoMinerva
Ani DiFrancoModulation
Ani DiFrancoMost Of The Time
Ani DiFrancoMy I. Q.
Ani DiFrancoMy Iq
Ani DiFrancoMy Name Is Lisa Kalvelage
Ani DiFrancoNapoloeon
Ani DiFrancoNo Reason To Come Home
Ani DiFrancoNorth Main Street
Ani DiFrancoNot Angry Anymore
Ani DiFrancoO My My
Ani DiFrancoOne More Night
Ani DiFrancoOne Times One Times One
Ani DiFrancoOut Of Range (Acoustic)
Ani DiFrancoOut Of Range (Electric)
Ani DiFrancoOuta Me, Onto You
Ani DiFrancoParadigm
Ani DiFrancoParameters
Ani DiFrancoPerfect Fingers
Ani DiFrancoPixie (Be Nice)
Ani DiFrancoPrison Prism
Ani DiFrancoRecoil
Ani DiFrancoSeeing Eye Dog
Ani DiFrancoSilver Ingrid
Ani DiFrancoStudying Stones
Ani DiFrancoSubmerged
Ani DiFrancoSubway
Ani DiFrancoSunday Morning
Ani DiFrancoSwing (Radio Set)
Ani DiFrancoSwing 
Ani DiFrancoThat Was My Love
Ani DiFrancoThe Arrival's Gate
Ani DiFrancoThe Arrivals Gate
Ani DiFrancoThe Boys In Blue
Ani DiFrancoThe Million You Never Made
Ani DiFrancoThis Bouqet
Ani DiFrancoThis Box Contains...
Ani DiFrancoTis Of Thee
Ani DiFrancoTo Be Free
Ani DiFrancoTo The Teeth (Shoot-Out Remix)
Ani DiFrancoTravel Tips
Ani DiFrancoUp Up Up Up Up
Ani DiFrancoWaiting For Susan
Ani DiFrancoWe're All Gonna Blow
Ani DiFrancoWhat How when Where
Ani DiFrancoWhat If No One's Watching
Ani DiFrancoWhatever
Ani DiFrancoWhen Doves Cry
Ani DiFrancoWhen I'm Gone
Ani DiFrancoWherever
Ani DiFrancoWishin' & Hopin'
Ani DiFrancoWrong With Me