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Angie AparoSpaceship
Angie AparoCry
Angie AparoAlone
Angie AparoBroken
Angie AparoChampagne Supernova
Angie AparoChild You're The Revolution
Angie AparoDon't Let It Bring You Down
Angie AparoFalling Leaves
Angie AparoHard Woman
Angie AparoLove
Angie AparoMan In The Box
Angie AparoNature's Way
Angie AparoRocket Man
Angie AparoShe's Alright By Me
Angie AparoShine On
Angie AparoSo Bad
Angie AparoSomeday
Angie AparoSuicide
Angie AparoSweet Loretta
Angie AparoTe Quiero Por Dentro
Angie AparoThe American (Hidden Track)
Angie Aparo1921
Angie AparoAmerican Teenage Tale
Angie AparoBeautiful
Angie AparoBoats
Angie AparoCaroline
Angie AparoCry Just A Little
Angie AparoFlesh Breath & Bone
Angie AparoFlesh Breath and Bone
Angie AparoFree Man
Angie AparoGravity
Angie AparoGreen Into Gold
Angie AparoHidden Song
Angie AparoHush
Angie AparoI am Whoever
Angie AparoIt's Alright
Angie AparoIts Alright
Angie AparoMemphis City Rain
Angie AparoNo Time
Angie AparoSeed
Angie AparoSwell
Angie AparoThe American
Angie AparoThird Time Around
Angie AparoWelcome to the World Unknown
Angie AparoWhatever We Become
Angie AparoWonderland.