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AngelAll I Need is You
AngelIn Your Arms
AngelI Like It
AngelI Still Love You
AngelIn My Life
AngelLove Is Pain
AngelNo More
AngelWhere You At
AngelYour Body Is Mine
AngelAnyway You Want It
AngelBig Boy (Let's Do It Again)
AngelBroken Dreams
AngelCan You Feeel It
AngelCan You Feel It
AngelCast The First Stone
AngelChicken Soup
AngelDon't Leave Me Lonely
AngelDon't Take Your Love
AngelDr. Ice
AngelFeelin' Right
AngelFlying With Broken Wings (Without You)
AngelGot Love If You Want It
AngelHold Me, Squeeze Me
AngelJust A Dream
AngelLadies Night
AngelLong Time
AngelLove Song With A Twist
AngelOn And On
AngelOn The Rocks
AngelOver And Over
AngelPressure Point
AngelRock & Rollers
AngelShe's A Mover
AngelSommaren I City
AngelStick Like Glue
AngelSunday Morning
AngelTelephone Exchange
AngelThat Magic Touch
AngelThe Fortune
AngelThe Winter Song
AngelWhite Lightning
AngelRock &; Rollers
AngelAin't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
AngelAngel (Theme)
AngelBelieve In Angels
AngelBring It On
AngelChinese Whispers
AngelCome And Play
AngelI Don't Believe In Ghosts
AngelIt All Started With A Child
AngelJust The Way I Am
AngelLessons In Love
AngelLove Is
AngelMama's Little Girl
AngelNever Looking Back
AngelOh Holy Night
AngelOnce Upon Our Time
AngelOpen Book
AngelParty With Me
AngelRock & Rollers
AngelRockn' Around The Christmas Tree
AngelSpeed Seduction
AngelThree Small Words
AngelTo Forgive You
AngelUnder Suspicion
AngelWild Guess
AngelYou Could Lose Me
AngelYou Release Me
AngelYou're Not Fooling Me