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AnataAim Not At The Kingdom High
AnataCan 't Kill What 's Already Dead
AnataDethrone The Hypocrites
AnataDie Laughing
AnataDrain Of Blood
AnataFaith, Hope, Self-deception
AnataGod Of Death
AnataLet The Heavens Hate
AnataMetamorphosis By The Well Of Truth
AnataReleased When You 're Dead
AnataSlain Upon His Altar
AnataThe Enigma Of Number Three
AnataThe Templeerratic
AnataThose Who Lick The Wounds Of Christ
AnataUnder Azure Skies
AnataVast Landsinfernal Gates
AnataA Problem Yet To Be Solved
AnataAny Kind Of Magic Or Miracle
AnataBetter Grieved Than Fooled
AnataBuilt On Sand
AnataCan't Kill What's Already Dead
AnataCold Heart Forged In Hell
AnataComplete Demise
AnataDance To The Song Of Apathy
AnataDay Of Suffering
AnataDisobedience Pays
AnataDownward Spiral Into Madness
AnataEntropy Within
AnataI Would Dream Of Blood
AnataLast Day Of Sodom
AnataLeaving The Spirit Behind
AnataLet Me Become Your Fallen Messiah
AnataReleased When You Are Dead
AnataSewerages Of The Mind
AnataShackled To Guilt
AnataThe Conductor's Departure
AnataThe Drowning
AnataThe Great Juggler
AnataThe Temple / Erratic
AnataThe Tranquillity Of My Last Breath
AnataUnder The Debris
AnataVast Lands / Infernal Gates
AnataWith Me You Shall Fall