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AmortisA Dream Of Dancing Shadows
AmortisCenturies Of Enslavement
AmortisDark Visions By Candlelight
AmortisIn The Spell Of Midnight 's Grace
AmortisLike Ravens In The Nightsky
AmortisStorm Of Pagan Fire
AmortisA Kiss From The Dusk
AmortisBeauty In Darkness
AmortisIn The Spell Of Midnight & Grace
AmortisIn The Spell Of Midnight's Grace
AmortisMemories Of An Ancient Time
AmortisPortal To The Unknown
AmortisSummoned By Astral Fires
AmortisThe Arrival Of A New Age
AmortisThe Graveyard In Moonlight??s Shine
AmortisThe Immortal Kingdom
AmortisUnder The Moonlight
AmortisHortus Animae
AmortisIn The Spell Of Midnights Grace
AmortisThe Graveyard in Moonlights Shine