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Ammo PoeticAll About The Hook-Up
Ammo PoeticAmmunition Check
Ammo PoeticApproximate Detonation
Ammo PoeticEverything Changes
Ammo PoeticEvil's Of Man
Ammo PoeticFather Be With Us
Ammo PoeticIntellectual Poetry
Ammo PoeticKam Sang Tah Kong Chai
Ammo PoeticKuala Lumpur
Ammo PoeticPaid My Dues
Ammo PoeticPass The Honey
Ammo PoeticPeluru Puitis
Ammo PoeticReal For The World
Ammo PoeticSomebody's Watching
Ammo PoeticSomething's On
Ammo PoeticStop Rushing Me
Ammo PoeticThere's No Stoppin' Us
Ammo PoeticTiada Tandingan - Shiela Majid & Poetic Ammo
Ammo PoeticVallavan
Ammo PoeticWe Hit Em' Up Too