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Amie ComeauxA Single Crimson Rose
Amie ComeauxA Very Special Angel
Amie ComeauxAnother Bedtime Story
Amie ComeauxAnywhere With You
Amie ComeauxBlue
Amie ComeauxHouse of Fallen Angels
Amie ComeauxI Heard It From My Heart
Amie ComeauxI Want The First To Last
Amie ComeauxMoving Out
Amie ComeauxOh No, Not Love Again
Amie ComeauxOne Step Ahead of You
Amie ComeauxPaper Mill Road
Amie ComeauxTakin' It Back
Amie ComeauxThe Other Woman
Amie ComeauxThis Dream
Amie ComeauxTwelve Steps Down
Amie ComeauxWhen Spirits Walk
Amie ComeauxWhen You Smile At Me
Amie ComeauxWho's She To You
Amie ComeauxWritten In The Stars
Amie ComeauxYou Belong To Me