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American Hi-FiVertigo
American Hi-FiBeautiful Disaster
American Hi-FiBuilt For Speed
American Hi-FiHappy
American Hi-FiNothing Left To Lose
American Hi-FiRise
American Hi-FiSave Me
American Hi-FiTeenage Alien Nation
American Hi-FiThe Art Of Losing
American Hi-FiThe Breakup Song
American Hi-FiThe Gold Rush
American Hi-FiThis Is The Sound
American Hi-FiMaybe Won't Do
American Hi-FiHell Yeah
American Hi-FiThe Geeks Get The Girls
American Hi-FiSomething Real
American Hi-FiWe Can't Be Friends
American Hi-FiSeparation Anxiety
American Hi-FiThe Everlasting Fall
American Hi-FiHighs And Lows
American Hi-FiBaby Come Home
American Hi-FiWhere Did We Go Wrong
American Hi-FiHearts On Parade
American Hi-FiSurround
American Hi-FiFlavor of the Weak
American Hi-FiA Bigger Mood
American Hi-FiSafer On The Outside
American Hi-FiI'm a Fool
American Hi-FiHi-Fi Killer
American Hi-FiBlue Day
American Hi-FiMy Only Enemy
American Hi-FiDon't Wait for the Sun
American Hi-FiAnother Perfect Day
American Hi-FiScar
American Hi-FiWhat About Today
American Hi-FiWall of Sound
American Hi-FiBlack Satellite
American Hi-FiBlack Satellite (demo)
American Hi-fiDont Wait For The Sun
American Hi-FiFlavor Of The Weak (Radio Edit)
American Hi-FiFlavor Of The Week
American Hi-FiFoolish
American Hi-fiIm A Fool
American Hi-FiMy Soul To Lose
American Hi-FiObsesion
American Hi-FiPush Me Away
American Hi-FiStill Sideways
American Hi-FiThe Art Of Losing(Clean)
American Hi-FiThe Rescue
American Hi-FiWe're Gonna Find A Way
American Hi-FiWhen The Breeders Were Big
American Hi-FiAmerican Hi Fi
American Hi-FiBlueday
American Hi-FiDon't Wait For The Sun
American Hi-FiFlavour Of The Week
American Hi-FiHey Luv
American Hi-FiHi Fi Killer
American Hi-FiI'm A Fool
American Hi-FiMaybe Won't Do
American Hi-FiWe Can't Be Friends