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Amber PacificThoughts Before Me
Amber PacificAlways You
Amber PacificThe Last Time
Amber PacificHere We Stand
Amber PacificAlways You (Good Times)
Amber PacificCan't Hold Back
Amber PacificDear, This Has Always Been About Standing Up For Yourself
Amber PacificEverything We Were Has Become What We Are
Amber PacificFall Back Into My Life
Amber PacificFalling Away
Amber PacificFollow Your Dreams And Forget The Scene
Amber PacificFor What It's Worth
Amber PacificGone So Young
Amber PacificIf I Fall
Amber PacificLeaving What You Wanted
Amber PacificLetters Of Regret
Amber PacificLiving Proof
Amber PacificPoetically Pathetic
Amber PacificPostcards
Amber PacificRunaway
Amber PacificSave Me From Me
Amber PacificSo Yesterday
Amber PacificSummer (In B)
Amber PacificTake Me From This Place
Amber PacificTemporary
Amber PacificThe Right To Write Me Off
Amber PacificThe Sky Could Fall Tonight
Amber PacificThree Words
Amber PacificVideo Killed The Radio Star
Amber PacificWatching Over Me
Amber PacificWe Think We're Hardcore, Cause, Well, We Are
Amber PacificYou're Only Young Once