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Alter BridgeAll Hope Is Gone
Alter BridgeBefore Tomorrow Comes
Alter BridgeBlackbird
Alter BridgeBrand New Start
Alter BridgeBreak Me Down
Alter BridgeBreathe Again
Alter BridgeBroken Wings
Alter BridgeBuried Alive
Alter BridgeBurn It Down
Alter BridgeCoeur D'Alene
Alter BridgeCome To Life
Alter BridgeComing Home
Alter BridgeDown To My Last
Alter BridgeFallout
Alter BridgeFind The Real
Alter BridgeGhost Of Days Gone By
Alter BridgeI Know It Hurts
Alter BridgeIn Loving Memory
Alter BridgeIsolation
Alter BridgeLife Must Go On
Alter BridgeMake It Right
Alter BridgeMetalingus
Alter BridgeNew Way To Live
Alter BridgeOn My Way Now
Alter BridgeOne By One
Alter BridgeOne Day Remains
Alter BridgeOpen Your Eyes
Alter BridgeRise Today
Alter BridgeSave Me
Alter BridgeSave Me [from "elektra" Soundtrack]
Alter BridgeShed My Skin
Alter BridgeShow Me A Sign
Alter BridgeSlip To The Void
Alter BridgeStill Remains
Alter BridgeThe Damage Done
Alter BridgeThe End Is Here
Alter BridgeTies That Bind
Alter BridgeWatch Over You
Alter BridgeWatch Your Words
Alter BridgeWayward One
Alter BridgeWe Don't Care At All
Alter BridgeWhite Knuckles
Alter BridgeWonderful Life
Alter BridgeWords Darker Than Their Wings