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AlesanaA Lunatic's Lament
AlesanaA Siren's Soliloquy
AlesanaAlchemy Sounded Good At The Time
AlesanaAnd They Call This Tragedy
AlesanaApology (Acoustic)
AlesanaBeautiful In Blue
AlesanaBest Ex-Friend
AlesanaCongratulations, I Hate You
AlesanaCurse Of The Virgin Canvas
AlesanaDaggers Speak Louder Than Words
AlesanaEndings Without Stories
AlesanaGoodbye, Goodnight, For Good
AlesanaHeavy Hangs The Albatross
AlesanaHymn For The Shameless
AlesanaIn Her Tomb By The Sounding Sea
AlesanaNero's Decay
AlesanaNot A Single Word About This
AlesanaPathetic, Ordinary
AlesanaRed And Dying Evening
AlesanaThe Artist
AlesanaThe Lover
AlesanaThe Murderer
AlesanaThe Thespian
AlesanaThe Third Temptation Of Paris
AlesanaThis Conversation Is Over
AlesanaTilting The Hourglass
AlesanaWelcome To The Academy
AlesanaWhat Goes Around... Comes Around