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Albert CollinsAin't Got Time
Albert CollinsAll About My Girl
Albert CollinsBaby What You Want Me Ti Do/rock Me Baby
Albert CollinsBending Like A Willow Tree
Albert CollinsBlue Monday Hangover
Albert CollinsBrick
Albert CollinsBroke
Albert CollinsBut I Was Cool
Albert CollinsCash Talkin' (the Workingman's Blues)
Albert CollinsCold, Cold Feeling
Albert CollinsConversation With Collins
Albert CollinsDo What You Want To Do
Albert CollinsDon't Go Reaching Across My Plate
Albert CollinsDon't Mistake Kindness For Weakness
Albert CollinsDyin' Flu
Albert CollinsEgo Trip
Albert CollinsGet To Gettin'
Albert CollinsGood Fool Is Hard To Find
Albert CollinsGot A Good Thing Goin'
Albert CollinsHead Rag
Albert CollinsHoney Hush
Albert CollinsHooked On You
Albert CollinsI Ain't Drunk
Albert CollinsI Got A Problem
Albert CollinsI Need You So
Albert CollinsIceman
Albert CollinsIf Trouble Was Money
Albert CollinsIf You Love Me Like You Say
Albert CollinsI'm Beginning To Wonder
Albert CollinsJam It Up
Albert CollinsJealous Man
Albert CollinsLights Are On But Nobody's Home
Albert CollinsLight's Are On But Nobody's Home [version]
Albert CollinsMy Mind Is Trying To Leave Me
Albert CollinsSnowed In
Albert CollinsSoul Food
Albert CollinsStormy Monday
Albert CollinsT-bone Shuffle
Albert CollinsThe Hawk
Albert CollinsThe Highway Is Like A Woman
Albert CollinsThe Moon Is Full
Albert CollinsThe Things That I Used To Do
Albert CollinsThings I Used To Do
Albert CollinsTired Man
Albert CollinsToo Many Dirty Dishes
Albert CollinsToo Tired
Albert CollinsTrash Talkin'
Albert CollinsWhen A Guitar Plays The Blues
Albert CollinsWhen The Welfare Turns Its Back On You