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After ForeverAttendance
After ForeverBeautiful Emptiness
After ForeverBeing Everyone
After ForeverBeneath
After ForeverBetween Love And Fire
After ForeverBeyond Me
After ForeverBlack Tomb
After ForeverBlind Pain
After ForeverBoundaries Are Open
After ForeverChildren In Minor
After ForeverCome
After ForeverDigital Deceit
After ForeverEccentric
After ForeverEmphasis
After ForeverEphemeral
After ForeverEstranged
After ForeverEx Cathedra
After ForeverEx Cathedra (Ouverture)
After ForeverFace Your Demons
After ForeverFollow in the Cry
After ForeverFor The Time Being
After ForeverForever
After ForeverForlorn Hope
After ForeverGlorifying Means
After ForeverImperfect Tenses
After ForeverIn Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
After ForeverInimical Chimera
After ForeverIntrinsic
After ForeverLeaden Legacy
After ForeverLife's Vortex
After ForeverLiving Shields
After ForeverMea Culpa
After ForeverMea Culpa (The Embrace That Smothers, Prologue)
After ForeverMonolith of Doubt
After ForeverMy Choice
After ForeverMy Pledge Of Allegiance #1
After ForeverMy Pledge Of Allegiance #2
After ForeverMy Pledge Of Allegiance No1
After ForeverMy Pledge Of Allegiance No2
After ForeverOne Day I'll Fly Away
After ForeverOnly Everything
After ForeverPledge Of Allegiance (American Pledge)
After ForeverReflections
After ForeverSemblance Of Confusion
After ForeverSilence From Afar
After ForeverSins Of Idealism
After ForeverStrong
After ForeverThe Evil That Men Do
After ForeverThe key
After ForeverThrough Square Eyes
After ForeverTortuous Threnody
After ForeverTwo Sides
After ForeverVictim Of Choices
After ForeverWho Wants To Live Forever
After ForeverWings Of Illusion
After ForeverYield To Temptation
After ForeverZenith