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AffirmationAnimal Song
AffirmationBelow My Radar
AffirmationBest Thing
AffirmationChained To You
AffirmationCome As You Are
AffirmationCrash & Burn
AffirmationFatal Factor
AffirmationFirst Time
AffirmationGunning Down Romance
AffirmationHold Me
AffirmationI Dont Know You Anymore
AffirmationI Knew I Loved You
AffirmationKeep This Fire Burning
AffirmationLover After Me
AffirmationNo One Ever Loves In Vain
AffirmationNot Too Late For Love
AffirmationRemember Me
AffirmationStraight Jacket
AffirmationTea &; Sympathy
AffirmationThe Animal Song
AffirmationThe Best Thing
AffirmationThe Lover After Me
AffirmationTill I See Ya
AffirmationTwo Beds & A Coffee Machine
AffirmationUnder The Same Sun
AffirmationYou Can Still Be Free