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AcceptFast as a shark
AcceptMetal Heart
AcceptHard Attack
AcceptLay It Down
AcceptMaking Me Scream
AcceptRun Through The Night
AcceptTake Out The Crime
AcceptRestless And Wild
AcceptDiggin' In The Dirt
AcceptIt Ain't Over Yet
AcceptDon't Give A Damn
AcceptDeath Row
AcceptSodom And Gomorra
AcceptThe Beast Inside
AcceptDead On!
AcceptGuns 'R' Us
AcceptLike A Loaded Gun
AcceptWhat Else
AcceptStone Evil
AcceptBad Habits Die Hard
AcceptBad Religion
AcceptGeneration Clash II
AcceptThe Writing On The Wall
AcceptDrifting Apart
AcceptPomp And Circumstance
AcceptObjection Overruled
AcceptI Don't Wanna Be Like You
AcceptProtectors Of Terror
AcceptSlaves To Metal
AcceptAll Or Nothing
AcceptAmamos La Vida
AcceptSick, Dirty And Mean
AcceptJust By My Own
AcceptThis One's For You
AcceptRich And Famous
AcceptGeneration Clash
AcceptChain Reaction
AcceptLove Sensation
AcceptTurn The Wheel
AcceptI Can't Believe In You
AcceptStand 4 What U R
AcceptBreak The Ice
AcceptT.V. War
AcceptRussian Roulette
AcceptIt's Hard To Find A Way
AcceptAiming High
AcceptHeaven Is Hell
AcceptAnother Second To Be
AcceptWalking In The Shadow
AcceptMan Enough To Cry
AcceptStand Tight
AcceptMidnight Mover
AcceptUp To The Limit
AcceptWrong Is Right
AcceptScreaming For A Love-Bite
AcceptToo High To Get It Right
AcceptDogs On Leads
AcceptTeach Us To Survive
AcceptLiving For Tonite
AcceptBound To Fail
AcceptBalls To The Wall
AcceptLondon Leather Boys
AcceptFight It Back
AcceptHead Over Heels
AcceptLosing More Than You've Ever Had
AcceptLove Child
AcceptTurn Me On
AcceptLosers And Winners
AcceptGuardian Of The Night
AcceptWinter Dreams
AcceptAhead Of The Pack
AcceptShake Your Heads
AcceptNeon Nights
AcceptGet Ready
AcceptDemon's Night
AcceptFlash Rockin' Man
AcceptDon't Go Stealing My Soul Away
AcceptPrincess Of The Dawn
AcceptRun If You Can
AcceptCan't Stand The Night
AcceptSon Of A Bitch
AcceptMidnight Highway
AcceptBreaking Up Again
AcceptDown And Out
AcceptI'm A Rebel
AcceptSave Us
AcceptNo Time To Lose
AcceptThunder And Lightning
AcceptI Wanna Be No Hero
AcceptChina Lady
AcceptThe King
AcceptDo It
AcceptLady Lou
AcceptTired Of Me
AcceptTake Him In My Heart
AcceptSounds Of War
AcceptFree Me Now
AcceptGlad To Be Alone
AcceptThat's Rock 'N' Roll
AcceptStreet Fighter
AcceptDead On !
AcceptLondon Leatherboys
AcceptTV War
AcceptLiving For Tonight
AcceptAiming High (4:25)
AcceptAnother Second To Be (3:16)
AcceptBreake the ice
AcceptCan't Stand The Night
AcceptDemon's Night
AcceptDiggin' In The Dirt
AcceptDon't Give A Damn
AcceptDon't Go Stealing My Heart Away
AcceptDon't Go Stealing My Soul Away
AcceptDont Give a Damn
AcceptDont Go Stealing My Soul Away
AcceptDown & Out
AcceptFlash Rockin' Man
AcceptGuns 'R' Us
AcceptI can't believe in you
AcceptI Don't Wanna Be Like You
AcceptI'm a Rebel
AcceptIt Ain't Over Yet
AcceptIt Aint over Yet
AcceptIt's Hard to Find a Way
AcceptIts Hard to Find a Way
AcceptJust Be My Own
AcceptLosers & Winners
AcceptLosing More Than You've Ever Had
AcceptLosing More Then You've Ever Had
AcceptMan Enough To Cry (3:13)
AcceptMonsterman (3:24)
AcceptRestless & Wild
AcceptRussian Roulette (5:23)
AcceptScreaming for a Love Bite
AcceptSick, Dirty & Mean
AcceptSodom & Gomorra
AcceptStand Tight (4:10)
AcceptT V War (3:26)
AcceptT. V. War
AcceptTeutonic Terror
AcceptThat's Rock Roll
AcceptThe Beast
AcceptThis One's For You
AcceptThunder & Lightning
AcceptWalking In The Shadow (4:27)
AcceptWriting on The Wall