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Abra MooreAfter All These Years
Abra MooreAll I Want
Abra MooreBig Sky
Abra MooreBirthday Song
Abra MooreDon 't Feel Like Cryin '
Abra MooreDon't Feel Like Cryin'
Abra MooreDream Time
Abra MooreEverything Changed
Abra MooreFamily Affair
Abra MooreFirst Date
Abra MooreFour Leaf Clover
Abra MooreFour Leaf Clover (Live)
Abra MooreGuitar Song
Abra MooreHappiness
Abra MooreHome
Abra MooreI Believe
Abra MooreI Do
Abra MooreI Look Around
Abra MooreI Win
Abra MooreIf You Want Me To
Abra MooreIn Light Of It All
Abra MooreInto The Sunset
Abra MooreKeeps My Body Warm
Abra MooreKv'v Ome O Kahalvv
Abra MooreLet's Do It For Love
Abra MooreLets Do It For Love
Abra MooreMelancholy Love
Abra MooreNever Believe You Now
Abra MooreNo Fear
Abra MooreOn The Way
Abra MoorePaint On Your Wings
Abra MoorePrayer For An Angel
Abra MooreSay It Like That
Abra MooreShining Star
Abra MooreSing
Abra MooreSome Kind Of Change
Abra MooreSomebody That Cares
Abra MooreSomeone Else 's Mess
Abra MooreSomeone Else's Mess
Abra MooreSomeone Elses Mess
Abra MooreSorry
Abra MooreStep Without Looking
Abra MooreStrangest Places
Abra MooreSugarite
Abra MooreSummer's Ending
Abra MooreSweet Chariot
Abra MooreTake Care Of Me
Abra MooreTaking Chances
Abra MooreThe End
Abra MooreThrow A Penny
Abra MooreTouch And Go
Abra MooreTrip On Love
Abra MooreYou
Abra MooreYour Faithful Friend