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AbductedAll Night
AbductedAmerican Girl
AbductedDrive In
AbductedEmo Kids
AbductedHigh School Is Sht
AbductedI Just Wanna Stand Next To You
AbductedJohnny Is A Drunk
AbductedJudy Is A Serial Killer
AbductedNobody Wants You Around
AbductedSkinhead Boneheads
AbductedTeenage Vandalism
AbductedTerminal Lust
AbductedThe Abducted Hate You
AbductedWaste Of Time
AbductedWhatever It Is I Don 't Care
AbductedWhy Don 't You Die
AbductedYou 're A Slug
AbductedHigh School Is Sh*t
AbductedWhatever It Is I Don't Care
AbductedWhy Don't You Die
AbductedYou're A Slug
AbductedWhatever It is I Dont Care
AbductedWhy Dont You Die
AbductedYoure a Slug