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A Ha(Seemingly) Nonstop July
A HaA Fine Blue Line
A HaA Little Bit
A HaAfternoon High
A HaAnalogue
A HaAnd You Tell Me
A HaAngel In The Snow
A HaBarely Hanging On 
A HaBetween Your Mama And Yourself
A HaBirthright
A HaBlue Sky
A HaCannot Hide
A HaCelice
A HaCold As Stone
A HaCold River
A HaCosy Prison
A HaCosy Prisons
A HaCry Wolf
A HaCrying In The Rain
A HaCrying On The Rain
A HaDark Is The Night
A HaDark Is The Night For All
A HaDid Anyone Approach You
A HaDon't Do Me Any Favors
A HaDragonfly
A HaEarly Morning
A HaEast Of The Sun
A HaEast of the Sun, West of the Moon
A HaEeast Of The Sun
A HaForever Not Yours
A HaHalfway Through The Tour
A HaHeaven's Not For Saints
A HaHere I Stand And Face The Rain
A HaHoly Ground
A HaHolyground
A HaHow Sweet It Was
A HaHunting High And Low
A HaHurry Home
A HaI Call Your Name
A HaI Dream Myself Alive
A HaI Wish I Cared
A HaI Won't Forget Her
A HaI've Been Losing You
A HaI've Been Loosing You
A HaI've Been Losing You
A HaKeeper Of The Flame
A HaLamb To The Slaughter
A HaLess Than Pure
A HaLie Down In Darkness
A HaLifelines
A HaLittle Black Heart
A HaLiving A Boy's Adventure Tale
A HaLocust
A HaLove Is Reason
A HaMake It Soon
A HaManhattan Skyline
A HaManhatten Skyline
A HaMary Ellen Makes The Moment Count
A HaMaybe Maybe
A HaMemorial Beach
A HaMinor Earth / Major Sky
A HaMinor Earth Mayor Sky
A HaMove To Memphis
A HaNonstop July (Seemingly)
A HaOctober
A HaOranges On Apple Trees
A HaOut Of Blue Comes Green
A HaOver The Treetops
A HaRolling Thunder
A HaScoundrel Days
A HaShapes That Go Together
A HaSlender Frame
A HaSoft Rains Of April
A HaSolace
A HaStay On These Roads
A HaSummer Moved On
A HaSummers Of Our Youth
A HaSycamore Leaves
A HaTake On Me
A HaTake On Me (a-ha)
A HaThe Blood That Move The Body
A HaThe Blood That Moves My Body
A HaThe Blood That Moves The Body
A HaThe Blue Sky
A HaThe Company Man
A HaThe Living Daylights
A HaThe Living Daylights (james Bond Theme)
A HaThe Sun Alawys Shine On TV
A HaThe Sun Allways Shines On Tv
A HaThe Sun Always Shines On T.V.
A HaThe Sun Always Shines On Tv
A HaThe Sun Never Shine That Day
A HaThe Sun Never Shone That Day
A HaThe Sun Shines Always On Tv
A HaThe Swing Of Things
A HaThe Way We Talk
A HaThe Weight Of The Wind
A HaThere's A Reason For It
A HaThere's Never A Forever Thing
A HaThis Alone Is Love
A HaThought That It Was You 
A HaTime And Again
A HaTo Let You Win
A HaTouchy
A HaTouchy!
A HaTrain Of Thought
A HaTurn The Lights Down
A HaVelvet
A HaWaiting For Her
A HaWe're Lookinf For The Whales
A HaWe're Looking For The Whales
A HaWhite Canvas
A HaWhite Dwarf
A HaX-mas Time (Blows My Mind)
A HaYou Are The One
A HaYou Wanted More
A HaYou'll End Up Crying
A HaYou'll Never Get Over Me