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Phillip Sandifer: Apprehended By Love lyrics

Billy Simon & Justin Peters
I should have stayed home last night
Just my luck it finally happened
You never read me my rights
You took me straight
To a new place in your heart
Away from my old life
Lonely and hard to believe
Anyone could ever catch me
Apprehended by love I surrender
How could I not give up forever I will render
All of my love to you
To have and to hold
I could try to get away
But why would I run from the one who loves me
I 'd rather die than escape
Cause in your arms
I know where I belong
Held now by your love
Gentle and strong enough
To always keep me
Caught red handed in the act of a dream
Lord you 've captured my heart and my soul
Now my life 's sentence is to lay in your arms
Without even a chance of parole
Repeat Chorus