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Pathogen: Shallow lyrics

Your sins won't be forgotten
Your lies go unconfessed
Downtrodden, souls begotten
Vengeance their conquest
Unveil a web of savage scorn
Stripped bare a life forlorn

Bow down, bow down
Before your icon of scorn
This life you seek
Will be your catalyst of hate

Reach into myself and take what you want from me
You will never free yourself from your reality
I know your way, you will not stop
Until you've taken everything from me

Your shallow life from which you can't escape
Your callas heart will bring upon your pending fate
It's real, your judgement has begun
And in my eyes you'll see I have already won

I will not be part of your pathetic existence
For all your followers are gullible cretins
I will now take back all the glory offered to you
For it is my creation