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Flesh-n-bone: Armeggeddon lyrics

Flesh... (Killa. St. Clair... Killa. The silence isnt over...
No place to run... Stalkin gat fools, walkin jack moves...
St. Clair...) {clock ticking & news tragedies}

Aw, sheet! Repressin the scripts on yall punk m*therf*ckers!
What the f*ck you thought, trick-ass hooker?
Flesh, the last tru souljah standin makin these silly-ass niggas weak,
Slappin em up with game with basic instruction before leavin home.

The end of the world has come, its 1999 and time for retaliation

You better back up my weapons flexed Im gonna get caught up protected when
I roll Oh no, here I go Im keepin my mind fresh, and the glock more flex
And might judge your life and soul Fine, alright, gotta stay on the grind,
Its almost 1999 I gotta get mine before its over, yeah, partied hauled over
Nigga,my dogs down for whatever, you heard me? No matter the cause, fuck the
Retaliate on all yall The government wanted to brand my hand but I count
The number slowly Nigga, me wonder why they want us so fried and out of line,
But Im not ready Survival of the fittest, you down ride or die? Choose your
Grab the heat , lets gather up in the streets for battle We gotta fight for
Let us prepare for the war/ Dont sleep cuz Armageddons on the way We gettin
Ready for combat; Soldiers suit up We comin through stormin
And gonna blast on anythin breathin' shoot em Leavin em all bleedin
From that bullet or wound, assume that they are doomed, stretched out in a tomb
I tell it the way I see it, thats how it is Just how I feel when I just flip
Off the top of
Mind, he will So you better run, duck, hide You better stand up and act like a
And its your chance to do what you can so put it down


(Better bleed the blood, flesh, Jesus got you, slip, ya snooze ya lose)

Here we go once again, its on Gotta stack my dollars up to the cielin
Can you feel it, holmes? Ive always been known to get on my hustle and grind
And Im gon thug and get my stroll on till I get mine
But, nevertheless I got my pay, if you wanna play me Im gon buck (buck...)
With my gauge Go ahead, make my day Either which way it go,
You wont be saved so say a prayer Gimme a 5th of liquor so I can swig off with
Niggas and get rowdy My niggas, we bout it, smoke up an ounce of weed
I guarenteed I got what you need on cash delivery, you gon recieve, dog
Exactly now what was your order? Put it down and Ill make sure that youll be
Pleased As long as you got my green, by any means neccessary, you gotta be
Very wise, and by any means neccessary, you scary, you gon fry
Im wicked as I can be , remain a boss in your city, and if any yall haters
Want me,
Come and get me Slug hit right on your dome, wig splitter, G, fuckin with
These Mo!
Thug, kill or be killed Gs If you wanna test us, we gonna rest your soul
Get ready to feel the wrath of God, and if you get caught in the wrong youre
Get tossed in the lake of fire and brimstone


Better bleed the flesh, Jesus Got you slippin' You snooze you lose

And its on in the land with a great big cannon cocked Swarm, stormin in
The land My niggas, they the last tru souljah standin and let it repeat to
Test it
Pray and test, then again I say that's me runnin hell Sit in fire Flesh, you
Lesson when I roll better think twice so better beware, Flesh and snare ya,

We got Armageddon bringin the terror, terror


The course is chosen. It cant be turned. What do you mean the course?
Toward death.I dont think were gonna blow ourselves up. I didnt mean that.
The prophecy.Death.