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Eria Fachin: Savin' Myself lyrics

Seeing you today was quite a surprise
And when you saw my friend, you couldn't disguise
Your feelings

Even tough you broke my heart
I guess you thought I'd always love you
Now it hurts that I found someone new


What did you think I would do
Sit all alone by the telephone
Wait for the day that you might come home
Saving myself for you
Now did you really believe
I never looked at another guy
C'mon that night and you sit to cry
Saving myself for you

After you were gone, I realized
My life was moving on
You'd be surprised
How quickly people start to come around
You'd never know that I'd be lonely
Couldn't help fall in love again

(Repeat Chorus)

Now you gave your heart to someone else
And threw our love away
So I found myself for another love
And I know it's gonna stay