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Diamondz: Who Should I Choose lyrics

VERSE:baby it's hard to choose cause i have feelings for you.you show me things that no other man could ever do.you touch me in the right places and you hold me tight,boy you give me the right lovin all through the night so baby.....

CHORSE:i should choose you but i have feelings for him,i should choose him but i love you,so show me a sigh of what i should do,please tell me who should i choose.

VERSE:boy you make it hard to choose i love you with all my heart,boy i think aboutyou all the time and your loving just stay in me heart.baby you are there by my side everytime i call,baby your there to catch me when i fall,that's why i love you so baby baby.......

CHORSE: 2x(times)

VERSE:(BRIDGE)baby i want him and i want you to,but it's just so difficult i don't know who to choose.

CHORSE:3x until going off