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Deerhoof: Siriustar lyrics

Boom, light that fire.
Howl, howl, howl.
Deergod's eyes.
Wild music of the hoof playing in big fire.
Boom, light that fire.
Howl, howl, howl.
Lunatic night rises.
Sonic of the moon flips them inside out.

Glowing slowly.

Sonic of the moon lifts us to higher.
You got to rouse now.
How, how, how?
Be a Siriustar.
Nobody's no more fools you to think how.
No gabs about them.
No, no, no.
Open your eyes wide.

Breathe sets you free.

Count the stars.
Be blind to see.
Whisper I will seek out
A luminous tonight.
Sights are fading.

Revive your fire.
Now, now, now.
We have wolf minds.
Knock your door of the minds hard to wake them up.
Bark to the moon loud.
Shout, shout, shout.
Make a wish come true.

Glare eternity.