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Claudja Barry: Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes lyrics

I've been working all week
Saving my emotions
For Saturday night
When I use my potion

To put on a face
Pretty clothes on
Dressed to kill

It's the one night a week
I feel free to obey my whims

A magic spell that
Will tie and tango
Magic shoes and
A diamond spangle

It will hypnotize your mind
By the way that I move
When you see a thousand stars
Dance around my shoes

Boogie oogie
Boogie woogie dancing shoes
Keep me dancing all night
Boogie oogie
Boogie woogie dancing shoes
Make me queen for a night

[Repeat CHORUS]

Saturday night
Is my night of power
When the music's playing
Comes my magic hour

It's a close encounter with the
Force that's controlling my feet
It's a once in a lifetime
Feeling that returns every week

[Repeat CHORUS 6x to fade]