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Carpenters, The: Those Good Old Dreams lyrics

As a child I was known for make-believing
All alone I created fantasies
As I grew people called it self-deceiving
But my heart helped me hold the memories

As I walk through the world I find around me
Something new, yet familiar's in the air
I feel it ev'rywhere
Like a child's eyes
On a Christmas night
I'm lookin' at you now
Finding answers to my prayers

(*) It's a new day for those good old dreams
One by one it seems they're comin' true
Here's the morning that my heart had seen
Here's the morning that just had to come through
Same old stage but what a change of scene
No more dark horizons, only blue
It's a new day for those good old dreams
All my life I dreamed of lovin' you

You're a spark of a long forgotten fire
You're a touch of a slowly growing wind
You're a taste of the ever-changing seasons
Telling me there are some things that don't end
We have left all the darkness far behind us
All those hopes that we held along the way
Have made it to this day
Like an old love song
Gone for much too long
You hear it once again
Ant it carries you away

Repeat (*)

It's a new day for those good old dreams
And It's all because of you