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Burden: Disorder lyrics

Trust on your pain
What will repay you for these days
Only trust on blame
You would soon find my mean for you to stay
Fuck your own thought
What' meant by you
I am god
So lend me your souls

I am playing god!
Playing god with your fear
I am playing god!


(Fear abov this hiding
Your damnit sense of love I shit on
You stupid subjects all let you deceive
For missing hell)

What is Satan what is God?

You playin' god
Then I'll play Satan!
For you, bless you sucks
Go drowning now a million more!
Christs, wake up, fools
Praying to a mass murderer
Praying for release
Perhaps you should sacrifice another one burning?

To the will of god!

I'm playing god!
So let us burn!

Can't you see that this is somekind of disorder?
You're bringer of peace is the massivest art of gore
Kill this volk, murder them, let noone stay alive?
YOU let Satan arise!