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Brian Martin: Sex Tonight lyrics

All my life
Has been a danger
No reason why
You hurt my mind...

Bred to fight
To got an answer
You run
All my life...

In my life
I've been a wanderer
Looking for time
I've lost in vain...

Would you like
To come and see me?
I will wait
For you...

Sex tonight...
It's your night
And I see your light

Sex tonight...
Show me the way
And show me all the light

Sex tonight...
The feelin' is bright
And the sex is alright

Sex tonight...

All my life
Will be a banter
Playin' at dice
To have your night...

I'll be your...
I'll be your slave
You'll be my mistress
You are my sweet dream...

In my life
I'll be a winner
Spending my time
In lovin' you...

Every night
You'll need to have me
I will be
Your man...

End of night
I'll be a dreamer
Reminding you
As my sweet love...

Tryin' to find
A girl as your are
Sex is
All my life...