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Bitter Honey: Ballad Of Bitter Honey lyrics

That was my ass you saw bouncing
Next to Ludacris
It was only on screen for a second
But it was kinda hard to miss
And all those other hoochie skanks
They aint got shit on me
And one of Nellys bodyguards
He totally agreed

My mother cleaned the homes of wealthy peopletill the day
She died and so to California
I did make my way
I tried to finish nursing school
I really wanted to, you see
But all those broken bodies
Well they, they really got to me

And they all think Im stupid
I can see it in their eyes
But I know whats inside their hearts
I penetrate their lives
Sometimes it gets me crazy
But I keep my feelings hid
Cuz I know deep inside theyre only frightened little kids

And if I press my breasts together
And arch my back just so
I can ask for pretty things
And they will not say no
No one should have to suffer
No one should go without
Dont hate me 'cuz I know just what this world is all about
Dont hate me 'cuz I know just what this world is all about