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Bambix: Jester lyrics

I watch the world
I see their Gods
They're coming out
To eat the lot when people are saying -things will get better now
Down on the streets. I see them coming
Down on the roads. I see them fall
But I don't think God will take care of them all
Those guys lying everywhere
As if life is a picknick
With corissants and guns and once in a while
You have to kick it
When bains go sour
I hate to see that
You're on your own. no Superman to help you out
When it comes down to the call
When guns guns rot and bodies decay
And politicians waste away
Your mind goes blurry on the jestar that took you there
Do you see how much more the costs
And did you learn about life that's lost
Is it any wonder
Why god won't come down?
We're stinking up the world
We ruined it all!