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Bambix: Invisible lyrics

Have you ever seen blue eyes fading to black
And a girl lying on the ground
Wounded by the insults
Scared for all the lies
Trying to hold on to the last straw

The freedom of life
Is coming up to haunt you
The freedom of life
Is coming up so soon
Dont you know
Theyre dying like flies
The freedom of life
Is coming up so soon

They never listened to anything you said
Treated you like a fly on the wall
The code, more important
Than your cries, little girl
No attention paid to your hurts

Dont you know on a false day
Her eyes restrained from the tension you put upon her
Theres no way, or so they say
Theyre just lies, like the color of your eyes

Like a nightmare your quest will follow you
Although you try to break these thick white walls
What did you do, to feel so black and blue
Will they ever recognize you