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Bambix: Andre (I Wanna Win) lyrics

Its friday night and im off with me mates
Were gonna see the bambix and listen to their all-time
Its time to party, play to win
Nobodys gonna stop us
cos as soon as well get in: the fun can begin

I wanna win, i wanna win, when i dance and sing,
Im gonna kick some heads in
I wanna win; i wanna win, with my mates across the pit,
Were gonna make you sorry and sick of it

Why is the singer stopping, what does she do
I guess she wants to introduce me to her steel-capped shoe
Not only brainless but where are my teeth
That was a real cool move but now im sick of it
No longer in the pit where i wanna win

Guess i did not catch on
But ill come round
Never saw the like of it
No longer in the pit