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Alkaholiks: WLIX lyrics

(first 0:52 -- small club, Liks performing live
next 0:20 -- sounds of clinking ice cubes, drinks being poured)
Voodoo - Alright, we're back on WLIX this is Voodoo and uh
*chaos ensues*
E-Swift - Aiyyo, they came down, you know
I know y'all get asses all the time
But do me this favor
I want y'all to bust the freestyles for us
I wanna know who's first up, you freestyle?
Tash - Yo yo, we got Crackerjack from the Loot Pack
about to se this shit off, ay Crackerjack
Set it off. I know we on the radio, yo Crackerjack
set it off
Verse One: Crackerjack
Ya dumb dunce it goes once upon the rhyme, Jack is out
to clench a fist and drop flows that gets papes like The Abyss
All in this, freestyle's wild when I'm throwin this
Non-bogus brothers shake the hip and toe and just
Get involved, roll with the sould, make the head nod
Look at the bash slash back I kick the abstract
Make brothers say "Damn, that rap's fat," recline that ass back
A smack-back and slap from Wild Child with the ramshack
I used to pick up the damn slack bed on the ramps back
in the days, when Eric, was in the, honey phase
Nowadays, turn in applications
Rockin the Appalachians with the ladies with the sexy activations
on the Blackwatch, I own a black watch, although I'm Blackwatch
You want to, confront who? A microphone check one two
Complicated for ya [yeah]
I got the naps that break the pics
Plus the props from the Liks
Ha haa, Loot Pack's on the rise
Sayin, "Liks liks liks boy, run your backside"
Yo, J-Ro, Mad Lib, my man
Just, get on the mic and please arise the jam
Verse Two: Mad Lib, J-RO
I bust the animated suspension, vocabulary wack MC prevention
My division is it