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Alkaholiks: Soundbombing lyrics

My man.. he said.. could he create a soundbomb?
Say that's a good question

* Evidence, I'm bringin it *
* Rakka, Iri-science, rapid-fire how I transmit *
* We got CaTash with that West Coast rhymin, bombin.. *

Yes I can.. yes I can..

Most want what they don't have, especially in this game
But on the other side of the rainbow -- yo' shit's exactly the same
I aim one eye closed, so now you've been exposed
to my scope, an infrared target at night you glow
Got the chance, took it, hype tape that's what they tellin me
Soundboming in stereophone audio fidelity
Flows get took, a simple plan, best-sellin book
And people in the clutch open they mouth too much
I drop bars so hard, the code explodes
and bells ring like Don King fights ain't worth the dough
Sounds from tones, and licks from Quincy Jones
Backdrop, my microphone so I can chop down clones
I pull, expand, boom bap, no high hats
to hide behind the fact your wack vocal's off track
Droppin verses like this, a pleasure for me to do
Signin off, Dilated Platform, J-Rock and Babu

It's the return of Iri-stealth, the intelligence plane
I'm picked up by radar, but too late, here comes the rain
I make you feel wingtip audiomatics
I travel the map to any part of the planet
Now word on the street is y'all suckers want static
Since most kids are spoiled these days, I let em have it
Land on stage, I see the mic and I grab it
Get the crowd movin side to side, like I panned it
Had to multiply my crew (well that's math)
Subtract or divide your crew (well that's wrath)
What I put inside the bleeds (oh that's hash)
Oh you want a new dick to ride? (go ask Tash)
For the DJ's