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Alkaholiks: Daaam lyrics

[Featuring Xzibit]
Intro Chorus: J-Ro
Alkaholiks got the freaks that'll make you say [Daaam!]
Alkaholiks got the freestyle to make you say [Daaam!]
Alkaholiks got the rhymes that'll make you say [Daaam!]
Everytime I make a jam make you wanna say [Daaam!]
Verse One: J-Ro
E-Swift test the rockey launcher, let's blow up the spot
Show em what we got for the ninety-flow shot
I'm the, brown bomber droppin verbal scuds
I write rhymes while my momma peel the skin off the spuds
This ain't baseball, naw, the Liks won't slump
So make room, for the crew with beats the jump
Yo, I'm the baddest man with a hit since Willie Mays
I'm playin for the A's, O.G. was right cause Rhyme Pays
I walk through a rainstorm, I didn't even get wet
I was bailing through Hell I didn't even bust a sweat
So you must have a locomotive, I mean a crazy reason
To wanna step up, it's sucker punk season
Bring it on young one, so you can get done
I got mo' styles than the miles to the sun
Ninety-three million, five thousand flows
And here's one more for the hoes
Chorus 2X: J-Ro (beats, freaks, rhymes, jam)
Interlude: Xzibit
Repeat 8X: [liks liks liks baby, liks liks liks baby]
Geyeah, Alkaholiks for ninety-fo'
Makin more dutch than Ross Perot
Check it out, yeah
Like that, Xzibit all in your grill
Hah, that's that nigga Xzibit, yeah
Cause in ninety-four
It's all about the flowws, the hoes
and the forty-o's, nigga!
Verse Two: Xzibit
Kick your, dopest rhyme I'll break it up like 3rd Bass
I'm from the crew that sets it off by sprayin beer in your face
So the ninety-four to them I put my niggaz that remember
means I'm steppin to the mic with lyrics colder than December